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You asked about the crisis of homelessness in Seattle. Here are some answers

Published on June 20, 2018

University of Washington School of Nursing Associate Associate Professor Josephine Ensign is pictured at Harborview Medical Center on Wednesday, February 15, 2017 in Seattle. (PHOTO by Stephen Brashear)

There’s a lot of money in Seattle these days. Companies like Amazon and Starbucks are based here, and construction has been booming. But our city has one of the biggest homelessness problems in the country.

Our listeners are wondering about that disconnect. And they’ve been asking us questions about the issue.

To try to answer some of those, we turned to Josephine Ensign. She directs the Doorway Project for homeless youth. It’s part of the University of Washington’s Urban@UW Homelessness Research Initiative. She’ll be a panelist in a discussion on homelessness Thursday night at The Riveter on Capitol Hill.

Ensign recommended the following agencies and resources for more information on homelessness:

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Originally posted on KUOW by Kim Malcom and Katherine Banwell
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