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Homelessness and Housing

The Urban@UW’s Homelessness Research Initiative aims to be a nexus for researchers and practitioners to exchange discoveries, experiences, and ideas on the topics of homelessness, housing access, and their drivers and consequences. By connecting the efforts of faculty from across disciplines and campuses, the HRI serves to amplify research findings and translate them to a…

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Livable Cities

As a broader topic, Urban@UW has facilitated discussions and collaborations to understand and create cities that are sustainable, resilient, equitable and accessible: in a word, livable. From hosting a summer institute on the nature of cities, funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities, to supporting symposia led by the West Coast Poverty Center and…

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Research Spark Grants

Urban@UW Research Spark Grants The mission of Urban@UW is to catalyze, support and amplify collaborative research-to-practice efforts that address today's urban challenges. As part of our effort to lift up and enable such efforts, Urban@UW's Research Spark Grants program supports collaborative research pursuits into the complex issues of urban societies and systems. [accordion id='past awardees'…

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Smart Cities and Data Equity

Urban@UW has from the beginning been committed to bringing an equity lens to the use of technology and capture of data that is becoming ubiquitous in our cities. Our work to develop "smart to wise cities" through data equity includes the below initiatives, as well as other events, collaborations and projects. MetroLab Network Urban@UW is…

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Urban Environmental Justice

Today’s urban challenges are embedded with critical inequities in how people and communities relate to and are affected by their surrounding environments. These inequities are often the result of entrenched policies and institutions that have protected some groups while marginalizing others to lands and situations where environmental protection and health are lacking; in the United…

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