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School of Art + Art History + Design

News | April 4, 2019

A University of Washington Course Gives Design Students Real-World Experience

For ten weeks, seniors in the University of Washington’s School of Art + Art History + Design Advanced Industrial Design program: Professional Practice course mulled over things like materials, functionality, and empathy. Their challenge was to create workspace furniture—everything from stools and accessories to informal meeting tables with integrated power—that would follow a complete design…

Course | ART H 390

American Architecture through an Ecological Lens

Introduction to the history of American architecture and urbanism as seen from an ecological perspective, from the time of indigenous inhabitants to the present.

Course | ART H 493 / ARCH 459

Architecture Since 1945

Theories and forms in architecture from the end of World War II to present. Includes new wave Japanese architects, recent Native American developments, and non-Western as well as Western trends.

Course | ART H 211 / JSIS A 211

Fashion Systems: Europe-Asia

Introduces the historical development of fashion systems in early modern and modern Europe and Asia. Explores topics including: Fashioning the Body; Gender and Fashion; Fashion as Conspicuous Consumption; Fashion as Urban Spectacle; the Politics of Fashion.

Course | ART H 261 / ITAL 261

Italian Cities

Introduces Italian culture by focusing on the past and present of five of the nation's most important cities: Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, and Naples.

Course | ART H 495 / ITAL 475

Italian Fascism: Architecture and Power

Fascism in Italy as studied within the broader European context of nationalism, imperialism, and modernization, with particular emphasis on the arts -- literature, film, architecture, and urbanism.


Jasmine Mahmoud

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Justin Hamacher

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Meredith Clausen

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Course | ART H 314

Modern and Contemporary Art in India

Surveys the visual arts of India from the late colonial through the postcolonial period. Topics include impact of colonialism, anti-colonial nationalist claims for art, shifting status of oil paintings, emergence of a national style, new art movements in urban centers, and art in the service of forge postcolonial identities and alliances.

Course | ART H 391

Paris Architecture

The architecture of Paris from its pre-Roman origins to the present.

Course | ARCH 458, ART H 494, JSIS A 433

Paris: Architecture and Urbanism

Spans the architectural history of Paris, from its Gallic, pre-Roman origins in the second century BCE through the work of twenty-first century architects. Focuses on changing patterns of the physical fabric of the city and its buildings, as seen within the context of the broader political, social, economic, and cultural history.

News | January 5, 2023

Public art in Seattle’s light rail stations has a deeper backstory than you’d think

The stainless-steel blob in an airport. The oversized, poured-concrete nothing in a plaza. The whimsically rendered, locally iconic animals — salmon for Seattle, pelicans for Pensacola — garnishing a park. It’s no secret: Most public art is depressingly perfunctory. Which is to say: If you care about getting it right, public art has to be…


Tad Hirsch

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Course | ART H 491 / ARCH 457

Twentieth-Century Architecture

Architecture in the twentieth century, mainly in Europe and the United States. Traces roots of Modernism in Europe in the 1920s, its demise (largely in the United States) in the 1960s, and recent trends such as Post-Modernism and Deconstructivism.