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UW CoMotion program encourages entreprenurial activity in Spokane

Published on May 31, 2018

Downtown Spokane
Downtown Spokane Image Credit: CC A 2.0: Wikimedia Commons: X-Weinzar

In Seattle, startup companies and entrepreneurship are viewed as old hat. University of Washington medical researchers, for example, have long worked to turn ideas into products and services. In Spokane, that entrepreneurial spirit is still in the development phase. While Spokane does have some venture capital, this is not yet a place known as a hot spot for angel investors.

But perhaps that’s changing with Startup Spokane and other organizations offering help to people who have ideas. The University of Washington has opened a satellite office of its CoMotion Labs at its Spokane Center.

Elizabeth Scallon: “CoMotion Labs is a program that can help take early stage ideas and help you grow those, through networks, through mentors, subject matter, experts, through learning opportunities, sort of the fundamentals about startups,” said Elizabeth Scallon, CoMotion’s associate director. “And then we can also introduce you to capital, to angels and VCs in the areas.


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Originally posted on Spokane Public Radio by Doug Nadvornick 
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