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Urbanalytics wants to use data to better your city

Published on January 26, 2017

Professor Bill Howe sits in front of a white board with equations and other writing
Image Credit: Andrew Chan / UW Daily

With a growing trend of rapid urbanization over the past few decades, analysis of the urban sphere has become paramount to advancing many people’s quality of life.

Urbanalytics is a program designed to make a greater investment in the urban data science field. Bill Howe, associate professor at the UW Information School, initially saw the convergence of data science at the eScience Institute, urban scholarship at Urban@UW, and social sciences in the Data Science for Social Good program (DSSG) as a catalyst to something bigger.

“What we really found we needed was a unit on campus that could support the longer term investments in the data science for social good urban space,” Howe said. “Advancing the success of this family of partner projects … all around the area of urban data is really the mission of Urbanalytics.”

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Originally posted at the UW Daily; Urban@UW is a partner catalyzing the Urbanalytics project.
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