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July 12, 2023

Redlining Continues to Reverberate in Seattle Nearly a Century Later in Pedestrian Deaths

1936 color map from Home Owners' Loan Corporation ranking Seattle neighborhoods by levels of "security" based on racist ideologies

Could the decades-old government housing discrimination program, commonly called redlining, have anything to do with pedestrian fatalities today? According to a recent national study that compared federal redlining maps of the Home Owners’ Loan Corporation with data on 2010–2019 pedestrian deaths from the national Fatality Analysis Reporting System, the answer is yes. A recent study…

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July 6, 2023

From Vacant Storefronts to Vibrant Hubs: Revisiting ‘Third Places’ for Urban Resilience

Pike Place Market with people and iconic clock and signage in downtown Seattle.

In Seattle, city government and the Downtown Seattle Association continue to build on the “Amazon Great Return” through a variety of strategies to reactivate downtown. While attempts to maintain safety and deter drug trafficking remain forefront in the news, increased foot traffic, intriguing office-to-residence retrofit proposals and trends toward park and retail reopening suggest a spirit…

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Why a Pierce County Water District is Spending Millions to Clean Up Its Water

Lakewood, Washington Water District presentation featuring logo and image of young girl drinking water from water fountain

Lakewood is one of many water systems going to extraordinary lengths to address the threat [of PFAS] that health officials are still trying to understand. The synthetic compound Polyfluoroalkyl, commonly referred to as PFAS, or “forever chemicals,” has been used in common products for decades. Scientists are now linking the chemicals to a growing list…

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Lessons Learned from the Pacific Northwest’s 2021 Heat Dome

Color map image showing extreme temperatures in Pacific Northwest and Canada during 2021 heat dome.

Two years after the deadliest weather-related disaster in Washington state history, public officials are taking stock. High pressure locked the area in a heat dome for a week, starting June 26. It broke dozens of temperature records, killed hundreds of people and sent hundreds more to hospitals, unprepared for the unprecedented heat, especially so early…

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June 12, 2023

UW Research Identifies Success Factors for High-speed Rail Projects

Image of high speed rail train in Japan

A new research report out of the University of Washington examines data on high-speed rail systems around the world to mine key insights on how a similar undertaking could work in the Cascadia region, a source of considerable investment and opportunity for agencies and private sector partners. The report comes as Washington’s state legislature has…

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June 6, 2023

Lewis County’s Centralia Bets on Clean Energy as Coal Economy Fades

Image is of the western face of the Centralia Power Plant located east of Centralia, Washington.

The dense, white cloud of steam coming out of a dark green building in Centralia has been a constant part of the landscape for more than half a century. Now, the Lewis County town of about 19,000 is getting ready to bid farewell to the cloud source: Washington’s last coal-fired power plant, overlooked by Mount…

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June 5, 2023

Climate Hazards Are the Duwamish Valley’s Top Concern, Survey Finds

Photograph of Duwamish river seen from South Park Bridge, Seattle, Washington.

A new study of Duwamish Valley residents in South Park and Georgetown shows that more people list environmental impacts as one of their top-three concerns than any other problem facing the area, followed by crime and cost of living. The Duwamish Valley Climate Resilience Survey was a joint project of city agencies, university researchers and community groups…

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May 30, 2023

Urban Freight Lab Awarded $2M Federal Grant for Curb Digitization

UPS delivery truck stopped along a curb and a cyclist is riding past.

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Strengthening Mobility and Revolutionizing Transportation (SMART) program has awarded a $2 million grant to a cross-sectoral team comprised of UW’s UPUrban Freight Lab and Open Mobility Foundation, and led by the Seattle Department of Transportation. The award will support implementing data-driven curb space management initiatives to improve access to curb…

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May 26, 2023

Urban Scholar Highlight: Dana Nickson

Dr. Nickson leading a course in the Leadership for Learning Program

This is the third in a series of interviews from Urban@UW highlighting the research of urban scholars at the University of Washington. Urban@UW spoke to Dana Nickson, Assistant Professor in the School of Education at the University of Washington Seattle. The interview has been edited for length and clarity.   What do you do at…

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May 25, 2023

Thousands of Amazon Staffers Are Pouring into Its Seattle Offices

Two boarded-up storefronts for Old Navy and Gap on Pine Street in Downtown Seattle, along with a King County Metro bus displaying a sign reading "Essential Trips Only".

Tony Wang’s truck Yumbit is located on the corner of 6th Avenue and Lenora Street, the shiny heart of what some here playfully call “Amazonia”, after Amazon, the largest employer in the downtown area. And the extra customers that he and similar outlets are scrambling to serve are some of the 55,000 employees Amazon ordered…

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