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New tsunami warning to those in Seattle: If the earth starts shaking, get to higher ground ASAP

Published on July 19, 2022

Seattle Waterfront from Bell Harbor Pier.
Seattle Waterfront from Bell Harbor Pier. Image Credit: Edward Kim. CC BY 2.0

If a really big earthquake hits offshore from Seattle, the city’s shorelines could be struck with massive tsunami waves within a matter of three minutes. In a worst-case scenario, the waves hitting Seattle’s Magnolia Bluff neighborhood could crest at 33 feet high.

That’s the grim warning from a report out Thursday from the Washington State Department of Natural Resources. Randy LeVeque of the Department of Applied Mathematics and Frank González of the Department of Earth and Space Sciences were co-authors of the report.

The takeaway: If the ground starts shaking in the greater Seattle area, take cover and then quickly get to higher ground.

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Originally written by Lisa Stiffler for GeekWire.
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