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Investing in Bothell’s future

Published on May 31, 2019

New STEM building at UW Bothell.
New STEM building at UW Bothell. Image Credit: CC ASA 3.0 Joe Mabel

Over the past decade, Bothell has seen a boom in population and economic growth — and the related impacts. The city’s downtown revitalization is one of the brightest spots of that boom. However, the state has been largely absent in its support for infrastructure spending to support the growth in our community.

The state passed a once-in-a-decade transportation package in 2015, and the district only received $10 million in projects out of $16 billion in taxes. Working together with local and state leaders, we have collectively turned that tide over the past three years.

This new investment will pay for new lanes between SR 522 and SR 527, direct connectors for transit and HOV lanes, and a complete rebuild of the SR 522/527 interchange. These projects will be completed in time for the arrival of the I-405 Bus Rapid Transit project in 2024.

We have also secured several important quality-of-life improvements for the community. Over the past three years, we have funded better pedestrian and bike mobility, including $2 million for Safe Routes to School in Bothell, as well as $250,000 for improvements in the SR 527 corridor.

The Legislature has made significant investments in our higher education and high tech cluster around the University of Washington Bothell and Cascadia College. Over the past three years, we have put $108.8 million into construction projects there.


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Originally written by Washington State Senator Guy Palumbo, guest editorial for the Bothell-Kenmore Reporter.
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