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Honoring Women Collaborators at Urban@UW

Published on March 8, 2017

Collage of photos of some of the women Urban@UW works with at UW, with International Womens Day superimposed over the collage
Image Credit: Jessica Hamilton

In honor of International Women’s Day, we are highlighting just some of UW’s brilliant female professors, scholars, and and change-makers with whom Urban@UW is proud to collaborate. Click on their names to explore their work.



Thaisa Way, Executive Director, Urban@UW; Department of Landscape Architecture

Executive Committee:

Margaret O’Mara, Department of History

Susan P. Kemp, School of Social Work

Steering Committee:

Marina Alberti, Department of Urban Design and Planning

Sally Clark, Director of Regional and Community Relations

Sara Curran, Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology

Kim England, Department of Geography

Alexes Harris, School of Sociology

Anne Taufen Wessells, Department of Urban Studies

UW Leadership:

Mary Lidstrom, Vice Provost of Research

Ana Mari Cauce, President


Staff and Student Assistants:

Shahd Al Baz, Jackson School of International Studies

Avanti Chande, the Information School

Jen Davison, Urban@UW

Jess Hamilton, Department of Landscape Architecture


Collaborators, Thought Partnerse and Co-Conspirators:

Rachel Berney, Department of Urban Design and Planning

Erin Blakeney, School of Nursing

Ann Bostrom, Evans School of Public Policy and Governance

Sara Breslow, Center for Creative Conservation

Heather Burpee, Department of Architecture

Anat Caspi, Computer Science and Engineering

Seema Clifasefi, School of Medicine

Susan E. Collins, School of Medicine

Kristie L. Ebi, Center for Health and the Global Environment

Kelly Edwards, Graduate School

Sarah Elwood, Department of Geography

Josephine Ensign, School of Nursing

Claudia Frere-Anderson, UW Sustainability

Rachel Fyall, Evans School of Public Policy and Governance

Lisa Graumlich, College of the Environment

Amy Hagopian, School of Public Health

Shannon Harper, West Coast Poverty Center

Judith A. Howard, School of Sociology

Janine Jones, College of Education

Lisa Kelly, School of Law

Victoria Lawson, Department of Geography

Hedwig E. Lee, School of Sociology

Lynne Manzo, Department of Landscape Architecture

Linda Nash, Department of History

Paula Nurius, School of Social Work

Jennifer Otten, School of Public Health

Michaela Parker, eScience Institute

Gundula Proksch, Department of Architecture

Jennifer Romich, West Coast Poverty Center

Aiko Schaefer, School of Social Work

Amy Snover, Climate Impacts Group

Sarah Stone, eScience Institute

Kellye Testy, School of Law

LuAnne Thompson, School of Oceanography

Edwina Uehara, School of Social Work

Rachel Vaughn, Carlson Leadership and Public Service Center

Jan Whittington, Department of Urban Design and Planning

Kathleen Woodward, Simpson Center for the Humanities

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