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Evictions, rent spikes contribute to Washington’s homelessness crisis, study finds

Published on February 27, 2019

Nicklesville Homeless Encampment Seattle

With rent spikes and the decline of affordable housing, a team of University of Washington researchers are finding that evictions are contributing to the rise in homelessness across Washington state. Tim Thomas is the Principal Investigator of the study, and post-doctoral fellow at the UW eScience Institute.

Now they’ve created a “living document” that shows eviction rates by county, race and gender.

“Given that evictions contributes to homelessness, the steady stream of evictions likely fed people into the homeless population each year while the loss of affordable housing exacerbated the problem,” the researchers wrote in the study.

In King County to afford rent for an average-priced home – with some reaching up to $2,200 – you need to make about $90,000. In Clark County that price lowers to $65,000 and in Pierce County to $55,000.


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Originally posted on Komo News by Karina Mazukhina
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