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Could Walks in the Park Ward Off Postpartum Depression?

Published on March 14, 2023

Sidewalk with trees lining the edge.
Mature street trees provide shade and lovely canopy. Image Credit: SDOT CC BY-NC 2.0

New moms who live on tree-lined streets may be somewhat less vulnerable to postpartum depression, according to a new study — the latest to link “green space” to better mental health.

The study, of medical records from more than 415,000 new mothers, found that those living in urban areas with more tree coverage had a lower risk of being diagnosed with postpartum depression, versus women from less-green neighborhoods.

The link was not explained by factors like household income, or mothers’ race or education level.

Experts said the findings do not prove that living among trees lowers the likelihood of postpartum depression. But they do add to a body of research suggesting that having green space within sight is a boon for people’s mental well-being.

Kathleen Wolf is a research social scientist at the College of the Environment.

Wolf said that studies done across cultures have shown the relationship between exposure to green space and better mental well-being.

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Originally written by Amy Norton for HealthDay.
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