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Building Resilience in Children at the Start of the New School Year

Published on September 13, 2023

Smiling school-age children gathered in circle.
Image Credit: Seattle Parks and Recreation | Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

As the academic year kicks off, parents and guardians across Seattle fill out last-minute paperwork, pack backpacks and lunch sacks, and remind countless children to set out their clothes the night before. While adults nudge children and teenagers to grab a sweater on their way out the door, many can forget to actively check in and stay engaged with their kids’ mental health…

“By keeping an open channel of communication with your child, you will be aware of social stressors or difficulties your child may be experiencing and can provide guidance for how they might address the problem”, said Megan Kennedy, director of the University of Washington’s Resilience Lab. Honesty and communication will help your child develop resilience, which she defines as “the ability to cope with challenges effectively and be well.” Kennedy says that the cultivation of resilience is developed by “inner resources, such as emotional intelligence, stress tolerance, interpersonal skills, and compassion toward self and others.”

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Original story by Danielle Marie Holland at The South Seattle Emerald.
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