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Anti-Displacement & Belonging Workshop



This event brought together researchers, policymakers, practitioners, and community partners to elevate key perspectives and facilitate cross-boundary discussions and action around the capacity for people to stay in place and stay in community in the face of drivers such as gentrification, natural disasters, or other factors.

The objectives of this workshop were to:

    • Develop a collective understanding of the current challenges of anti-displacement and belonging
    • Connect regional scholars and community partners doing important work on these issues
    • Foster new ideas and new collaborations for advancing understanding and solutions for anti-displacement and belonging in our region
    • Share resources, such as funding opportunities, across this community of practice

This workshop took place virtually. As a result, throughout the 2-days, a shared miro board was used to capture salient insights of group-wide discussions and resources relating to topics of anti-displacement and belonging. Check out the miro board here!



Tuesday, January 25 – where are we?

Settling into the space

1-1:30: Framing

1:30-1:50: Breakout groups: grounding / connecting

2-2:20: Ignite talks

Mapping the landscape

2:20-3:05: Breakout 2: mapping the landscape

3:15-4:30: Report back + synthesis

Wednesday, January 26 – where might we go from here?

9:30-9:50: Ignite talks

Charting a way forward

10-10:30: Breakout 4: Finding actionable questions

12:00-12:10: Ignite talks


  • Jen Davison, Program Director, Urban@UW, University of Washington
  • Rachel Berney, Faculty Director, Urban@UW, University of Washington
  • Leila Jackson, Communications Assistant, Urban@UW, University of Washington