Sounds of Mumbai Map: source website

Sounds of Mumbai Map

​Beautiful interactive map takes you on and tour through fifteen Mumbai soundscapes.

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Banksy Tour of New York Map: source website

Banksy Tour of New York Map

Banksy’s public show in New York “Better In Than Out,” is part scavenger hunt and part performance piece. Daily Intelligencer plotted all of the pieces — along with some before and after GIFs of the impermanence and graffiti-on-graffiti crime — so you can visit them while they last, or just see them all in one digital place.

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Berlin Places I live Map: source website

Berlin Places I live Map

This map calculates a Life Quality Index for every location in Berlin. What is that? Life Quality Index (LQI) identifies wide scope of threads and opportunities in the social and physical environment of any given urban area. It was created to provide an overall information about neighborhoods in different cities and help their citizens to achieve higher quality of life.

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Melbourne Immigrant Birth Places: source website

Melbourne Immigrant Birth Places

This map reveals the top three birthplaces for immigrants in Melbourne and other cities and suburbs across Australia. You can also access a map revealing birthplaces excluding English and New Zealand immigrants.

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Walking Tour of Berlin’s Architecture: source website

Walking Tour of Berlin’s Architecture

Berlin walk highlighting a selection of the city’s architecture, from the jagged angles of the Jewish Museum to the inner ‘vineyards’ of the Philharmonie

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Mapping Seattle’s Noise Complaints: source website

Mapping Seattle’s Noise Complaints

Trulia used CartoDB and its spatial-temporal visualization tool to map police data on noise complaints from Seattle going back to 2010. Not surprisingly the U-District, Downtown and Capital Hill are the noise complaint winners…or losers depending on how you look at it.

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seARTtle: source website


Created by Geography student Kuang Sheng at the University of Washington, SeARTtle maps public art throughout the city of Seattle. SeARTtle reflects both the location and relative height of each piece.

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The Waterlines Project: source website

The Waterlines Project

We examine the history of Seattle through a focus on its shorelines: the natural and human forces that have shaped them, the ways they have been used and thought about by the people who have lived here, and how this historic understanding might influence urban-development decisions being made today.

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Sidewalk Cafe Map: source website

Sidewalk Cafe Map

The Department of Consumer Affairs has put together an interactive map of New York City’s sidewalk cafes. This could be the beginning of a map on NYC public life.

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