Map Kibera: source website

Map Kibera

Kibera in Nairobi, Kenya, was a blank spot on the map until November 2009, when young Kiberans created the first free and open digital map of their own community. Map Kibera has now grown into a complete interactive community information project. We work in Kibera, Mathare and Mukuru, use all these tools. Get in touch!

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My Neighborhood Map: source website

My Neighborhood Map

City of Seattle’s My Neighborhood Map provides a wealth of information on any given neighborhood in Seattle. From 911 incident responses and police reports, to nearby services, blogs, meeting places and elected officials.

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Mukuru on the Move: source website

Mukuru on the Move

This map identifies the various community health assets that the residents of the Mukuru informal settlement in Nairobi identified in a series of workshops from 2008-2010

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Nairobi Gender Violence Resources: source website

Nairobi Gender Violence Resources

​Resources for victims of Gender Violence including: outreach, counseling services, clinical services, legal services, religious institutions, coordination groups, security services and shelters

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Arriving in Berlin: source website

Arriving in Berlin

This map seeks to provide useful information for newcomers in Berlin and is especially meant to support refugees.“Arriving in Berlin” is a mapping project, byHaus Leo, Wohnen für Flüchtlinge (Berliner Stadtmission) and Haus der Kulturen der Welt.

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What a Hundred Million Calls to 311 Reveal About New York: source website

What a Hundred Million Calls to 311 Reveal About New York

There was something fitting in this unlikely connection, since 311 is designed to re-create some of the human touch of small-town life in the context of a vast metropolis. Eighty percent of calls connect to a live rep within half a minute, after a brief recorded message summing up the day’s parking regulations (a major topic of 311 queries) and other...

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Accidental Skyline NYC: source website

Accidental Skyline NYC

Too often, New Yorkers are caught off guard by new development in their neighborhoods. The Accidental Skyline offers tools to help demystify the city planning process and bring the public into the conversation.

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Furushwa: source website


In response to thousands of evictions by the Kenyan government Amnesty International built this resource to allow residents at risk of eviction, or those who’ve already been made homeless, to easily report it. To collect multi media evidence showing the human impact of illegal evictions and to send instant up-to-date-information alerting residents when an eviction is reported

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City of Melbourne Maps: source website

City of Melbourne Maps

This site includes information, maps and images relating to properties, features and assets located within the City of Melbourne municipal area. Map data includes childcare and schools, community facilities, development activities, historic maps, mobility information, districts, walking tours and more.

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Stewardship Mapping in the Seattle Area: source website

Stewardship Mapping in the Seattle Area

The goal of stewardship mapping in the Seattle area is to reveal the impacts of environmental stewardship by identifying and mapping all participating organizations. What kinds of organizations participate in environmental stewardship? Where do they work? How do they work together?

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Crowd Sourced Water Issue Map São Paulo: source website

Crowd Sourced Water Issue Map São Paulo

Cities across Brazil have faced water shortages. Folha de São Paulo is collecting stories and photos from people without water at home or at work as well as leaks in the street. Reports are displayed on an interactive map

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Digital Matatus, Nairobi: source website

Digital Matatus, Nairobi

Digital Matatus shows how to leverage the ubiquitous nature of cellphone technology in developing countries to collect data for essential infrastructure, give it out freely and in the process spur innovation and improved services for citizens. Conceived out of collaboration between Kenyan and American universities and the technology sector in Nairobi, this project captured transit data for Nairobi, developed mobile...

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