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Geospatial Technologies (MS)'s website

Geospatial Technologies (MS)

The Urban Studies Program offers a Master of Science in Geospatial Technologies degree. Admission is open during autumn quarter only and will be comprised of a 20 student cohort. The degree will provide advanced training in GIS, training students to use and apply geospatial hardware, software, and data in urban and environmental planning scenarios. It will also prepare students to become...

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Urban Studies (Cert, BA, MA, MS)'s website

Urban Studies (Cert, BA, MA, MS)

The Urban Studies Program offers a Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies with formal options in Global Urbanism and Community Development & Planning. The degree starts with an introduction into the discipline of urban studies with course topics on exploring cities, world development, and urban studies “in practice”. The formal options deliver focused theory and skill-based courses that teach...

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Center for Urban Waters's website

Center for Urban Waters

Research conducted by University of Washington Tacoma scientists at the Center for Urban Waters seeks to understand and quantify the sources, pathways and impacts of chemical pollutants in urban waterways.Highly sensitive analytical tools to measure contaminant levels are combined with sophisticated computer models to track pollutant sources and transport in the Puget Sound region. UW students work side-by-side with...

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Center for the Study of Community and Society's website

Center for the Study of Community and Society

The Center’s research and educational programs in the humanities and social sciences focus on community issues, social justice leadership, labor and civil rights concerns, and multi-cultural education. The Center collaborates with other projects and centers and helps to support the Community and Social Change degree track of the Masters of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences department at the University of...

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Center for Strong Schools's website

Center for Strong Schools

The primary mission of the UW Tacoma Center for Strong Schools (CSS) is sustainable change in schools and communities so every child is a whole child—engaged, successful, resilient, and ready for life. Our team leads schools and facilities to continuously improve and sustain a system of supports in order meet the social, emotional, and learning needs of all youth,...

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Sustainable Urban Development (BA)'s website

Sustainable Urban Development (BA)

Accomplishing sustainable urban development is a crucial challenge for the twenty-first century. The University of Washington Tacoma is at the forefront of engaging and educating undergraduate students on this topic. The Sustainable Urban Development degree provides students with a critical and rigorous training in ecological, political, economic, and social aspects of urban development processes.

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