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Urban Infrastructure Lab's website

Urban Infrastructure Lab

Research from the Urban Infrastructure Lab includes: UW Solar, Husky Sustainable Storms, Climate Smart Capital Investment Planning, Smart Cities & Information Security, Transaction Cost Economics, and Homeland Security

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Northwest Center for Livable Communities's website

Northwest Center for Livable Communities

The mission of the Northwest Center is to enhance the livability of communities in the Pacific Northwest through applied research and outreach in the areas of land use planning, policy, and design; healthy communities; food security; and public participation and democracy.The Center is a research and policy center focused on issues of environmental and economic sustainability, quality of life,...

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Northwest Institutute for Advanced Computing's website

Northwest Institutute for Advanced Computing

Founded jointly by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and the University of Washington in 2013, the Northwest Institute for Advanced Computing, or NIAC, is both a physical and “virtual” collaborative center designed to maximize the impact of computing on transformative discoveries that fuel scientific and societal progress.

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Urban Ecology Research Lab's website

Urban Ecology Research Lab

As part of the University of Washington’s innovative leadership in urban ecology research and education, the UERL transcends traditional disciplinary boundaries to address some of society’s most challenging problems. Our research interests include: complexity and resilience in coupled natural and human systems, urban landscape patterns and ecosystem function, urban ecosystem management, modeling land cover change, adaptation and scenario...

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Infrastructure Planning & Management - Floodplain Management (MIPM)'s website

Infrastructure Planning & Management - Floodplain Management (MIPM)

The Master of Infrastructure Planning & Management now offers a degree option in Floodplain Management, allowing students to earn their master’s with a focus on the study of coastal and riverine floodplain management. This 45-credit degree program lasts 24 months and launches with its first student cohort in summer 2016.Flooding is an extremely daunting and costly challenge facing society, with...

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Urban Form Lab's website

Urban Form Lab

The Urban Form Lab (UFL) is directed by Anne Vernez Moudon, Dr. es Sc., a leading researcher and educator in quantifying the properties of the built environment as related to health and transportation behaviors. UFL research aims to affect policy and to support approaches to the design and planning of more livable environments. The UFL specializes in geospatial analyses of...

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Infrastructure Planning and Management (MIPM)'s website

Infrastructure Planning and Management (MIPM)

The online UW Master of Infrastructure Planning & Management prepares students to lead efforts to protect vital infrastructure systems from natural and manmade threats. Students in this program gain a broad understanding of the complex and interconnected nature of our infrastructure systems – communications, public health, water, energy, food and transportation – while also delving more deeply into a system...

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M9's website


M9 is a new NSF Hazards SEES project (EAR-1331412) bringing together a broad team of University of Washington researchers with the goal of reducing the catastrophic potential of Cascadia megathrust earthquakes on the social, built, and natural environments through research advances in methodologies, warnings, and community planning.

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Built Environment (PhD)'s website

Built Environment (PhD)

Three fundamental areas of specialization in built environment knowledge and practice are offered within the BE Built Environment Doctoral Program: 1) sustainable systems and prototypes; 2) technology and project design/delivery; 3) history, theory, and representation studies. Each student will select one of these areas, within which she or he will take their advanced and specialized coursework and, eventually, conduct their dissertation research...

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    Center for Asian Urbanism's website

    Center for Asian Urbanism

    The Center for Asian Urbanism is established to promote and undertake interdisciplinary and collaborative research of urban conditions and processes in Asia and the “Global Pacific” – i.e. the relevancies of cities and city-regions in Asia to each other, to the Pacific Northwest of the U.S., and to the world at large. Specifically, the Center will integrate...

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    Andrew L. Dannenberg
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      Qing Shen
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      Jill Sterrett
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      Anne Vernez-Moudon
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