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Lake Union Lab's website

Lake Union Lab

Lake Union Laboratory (LULab) is a collaboratory research project created to explore the overlapping and interdependent social, environmental, economic and technological dynamics of the city, specifically the Lake Union area of Seattle, Washington. This project serves as a means to investigate how multi-disciplinary and transdisciplinary models of research can build on the foundations of explorations in the historical, the spatial,...

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The Cities Collaboratory's website

The Cities Collaboratory

The Cities Collaboratory is a transdisciplinary research and teaching laboratory for the study of multiple dimensions of cities and urban processes. Based at the University of Washington, the Cities Collab seeks to challenge the way that cities are understood and reimagined as they meet twenty-first century challenges. Cities have long served as sites and agents of economic expansion, social innovation,...

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Indigenous Wellness Research Institute's website

Indigenous Wellness Research Institute

The Indigenous Wellness Research Institute’s vision is to support the inherent rights of Indigenous peoples to achieve full and complete health and wellness by collaborating in decolonizing research and knowledge building and sharing. Our mission is to marshal community, tribal, academic, and governmental resources toward innovative, culture-centered interdisciplinary, collaborative social and behavioral research and education

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Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology (CSDE)'s website

Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology (CSDE)

The Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology (CSDE) supports population research and training at the University of Washington. It also functions as a regional center that gives population scientists at affiliated institutions in the Pacific Northwest access to cutting-edge demographic infrastructure and services. The core of CSDE consists of a large group of productive population scholars, with disciplinary homes...

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West Coast Poverty Center's website

West Coast Poverty Center

The West Coast Poverty Center works to bridge the gaps between antipoverty research, practice, and policy by connecting scholars, policymakers and practitioners; facilitating important social policy research; magnifying the reach of new knowledge; and fostering the next generation of antipoverty scholars.A collaborative venture of the UW School of Social Work, the Daniel J. Evans School of Public Affairs, and...

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Gunnar Almgren
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Benjamin de Haan
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Bonnie Duran
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Elena A. Erosheva
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Tessa Evans-Campbell
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Michelle Garner
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Kevin Haggerty
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Susan P. Kemp
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Marcia Meyers
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Paula Nurius
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Diana Pearce
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Cynthia Pearson
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Jennifer Romich
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Sharon E. Sutton
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Jim Theofelis
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Edwina Uehara
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Karina Walters
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