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The Cities Collaboratory's website

The Cities Collaboratory

The Cities Collaboratory is a transdisciplinary research and teaching laboratory for the study of multiple dimensions of cities and urban processes. Based at the University of Washington, the Cities Collab seeks to challenge the way that cities are understood and reimagined as they meet twenty-first century challenges. Cities have long served as sites and agents of economic expansion, social innovation,...

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Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology (CSDE)'s website

Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology (CSDE)

The Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology (CSDE) supports population research and training at the University of Washington. It also functions as a regional center that gives population scientists at affiliated institutions in the Pacific Northwest access to cutting-edge demographic infrastructure and services. The core of CSDE consists of a large group of productive population scholars, with disciplinary homes...

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Relational Poverty Network's website

Relational Poverty Network

The Relational Poverty Network convenes a community of scholars, working within and beyond academia, to develop conceptual frameworks, research methodologies, and pedagogies for the study of relational poverty. Launched at a historical moment of dramatic income inequality and enforced austerity in the global North, the RPN thinks across geographical boundaries to foster a transnational and comparative approach to poverty research....

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Geographic Information Systems (Cert)'s website

Geographic Information Systems (Cert)

Explore how geographic information systems have enhanced the efficiency and analytical power of traditional cartography. Examine the range of information sources that can be combined to build a GIS database – including raw data, scanned maps, GPS positions and aerial photography. Learn how to use the system to support research and decision making in a variety of fields, such as...

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Mixed Metro's website

Mixed Metro

Our intent is to create a classification system that will allow readers to easily comprehend (i.e., “see”) a broad range of neighborhoods on the basis of racial composition with an explicit eye towards the notion of diversity. The classification system emerged from detailed explorations of the impact of many configurations of census tract racial composition on a common...

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Lake Union Lab's website

Lake Union Lab

Lake Union Laboratory (LULab) is a collaboratory research project created to explore the overlapping and interdependent social, environmental, economic and technological dynamics of the city, specifically the Lake Union area of Seattle, Washington. This project serves as a means to investigate how multi-disciplinary and transdisciplinary models of research can build on the foundations of explorations in the historical, the spatial,...

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Northwest Census Research Data Center's website

Northwest Census Research Data Center

The Northwest Census Research Data Center (NWCRDC) is a partnership between the US Census Bureau and the University of Washington with additional support from the State of Washington’s Office of Financial Management. This facility, located in the University District in Seattle, Washington, enables researchers to access restricted-use datasets. There are four types of data available: demographic data, economic data,...

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