Electrical Engineering @UW

Do you have a project at UW addressing Electrical Engineering and cities, urbanism or the Seattle metropolitan region? If so we want to feature your work. Email us at urbanuw@uw.edu with the following information:   project title, brief description, link, image and relevant tags

Northwest Institutute for Advanced Computing's website

Northwest Institutute for Advanced Computing

Founded jointly by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and the University of Washington in 2013, the Northwest Institute for Advanced Computing, or NIAC, is both a physical and “virtual” collaborative center designed to maximize the impact of computing on transformative discoveries that fuel scientific and societal progress.

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Clean Energy Institute's website

Clean Energy Institute

The mission of the Clean Energy Institute is to accelerate the adoption of a clean energy future by advancing next generation solar energy and electrical energy storage materials, devices and systems, as well as their integration with the grid. The CEI seeks to accomplish this mission by creating the ideas and forming the people needed to generate these innovations, while...

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ACE Lab (Applied Computational Engineering Lab)'s website

ACE Lab (Applied Computational Engineering Lab)

ACE Lab’s work is extensively based on PhySense, the ACE lab in-house extensible agent-based temporal event simulator. PhySense addresses signal propagation in networks characterized by non-linear models for node activity and edge interaction. The resulting data is post-processed by a suite of algorithms leading to several inter-related research themes. PhySense serves as a social prototyping lab providing big synthetic...

Learn more on theACE Lab (Applied Computational Engineering Lab) website

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