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Value Sensitive Design's website

Value Sensitive Design

Value sensitive design seeks to provide theory and method to account for human values in a principled and systematic manner throughout the design process.Tools and technologies are fundamental to the human condition. Increasingly, they constitute the infrastructure through which people from diverse communities and nations engage in dialog, educate their children, gain access to resources and systems of justice,...

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Tech Policy Lab's website

Tech Policy Lab

The Tech Policy Lab is a unique, interdisciplinary collaboration at the University of Washington that aims to enhance technology policy through research, education, and thought leadership.

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Change's website


Change is a group at the University of Washington exploring how technology can improve the lives of underserved populations in low-income regions.Change’s members primarily come from Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), Technology and Social Change (TASHA),Information School (iSchool), Evans School of Public Affairs (Evans), Human Centered Design and Engineering (HCDE), Bio and Health Informatics (BHI) and School...

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Northwest Institutute for Advanced Computing's website

Northwest Institutute for Advanced Computing

Founded jointly by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and the University of Washington in 2013, the Northwest Institute for Advanced Computing, or NIAC, is both a physical and “virtual” collaborative center designed to maximize the impact of computing on transformative discoveries that fuel scientific and societal progress.

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The Taskar Center for Accessible Technology's website

The Taskar Center for Accessible Technology

The Taskar Center for Accessible Technology (TCAT) at the University of Washington Department of Computer Science & Engineering focuses on developing and deploying technologies that will increase independence and improve quality of life for individuals with motor and speech impairments. We aim to enhance access to everyday technologies through the development of user-focused novel interfaces, the addition of sensors and...

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Computing for Development's website

Computing for Development

Research in information and communication technologies for development (ICTD) is a relatively new and important area in computing research. When deploying systems in highly resource-constrained environment (unsophisticated users, lack of reliable power, expensive or non-existent data connectivity, etc.) they must be designed to be much more robust than when designing for the developed world. This leads to a fuller exploration...

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    Tadayoshi Kohno
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