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Built Environment (PhD)'s website

Built Environment (PhD)

Three fundamental areas of specialization in built environment knowledge and practice are offered within the BE Built Environment Doctoral Program: 1) sustainable systems and prototypes; 2) technology and project design/delivery; 3) history, theory, and representation studies. Each student will select one of these areas, within which she or he will take their advanced and specialized coursework and, eventually, conduct their dissertation research...

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    Design Machine Group's website

    Design Machine Group

    We are a collaborative research studio aimed at exploring, fostering and developing ideas that will shape the future of design and information technology.

    Learn more on theDesign Machine Group website

    Urban Form Lab's website

    Urban Form Lab

    The Urban Form Lab (UFL) is directed by Anne Vernez Moudon, Dr. es Sc., a leading researcher and educator in quantifying the properties of the built environment as related to health and transportation behaviors. UFL research aims to affect policy and to support approaches to the design and planning of more livable environments. The UFL specializes in geospatial analyses of...

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    The Informal Urban Communities Initiative's website

    The Informal Urban Communities Initiative

    The Informal Urban Communities Initiative | IUCI: The IUCI is a design activism, research and education program based in Lomas de Zapallal (LdZ), an informal urban settlement (slum) in northern Lima, Peru. It focuses on the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of community-driven interventions in the built environment and, in response to priorities articulated by community members, places particular emphasis on...

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    Center for Asian Urbanism's website

    Center for Asian Urbanism

    The Center for Asian Urbanism is established to promote and undertake interdisciplinary and collaborative research of urban conditions and processes in Asia and the “Global Pacific” – i.e. the relevancies of cities and city-regions in Asia to each other, to the Pacific Northwest of the U.S., and to the world at large. Specifically, the Center will integrate...

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    Chandigarh Urban Lab

    The Chandigarh Urban Lab is dedicated to creating a forum to understanding the contemporary Indian city in transformation. It is designed to support Indian and international students and scholars of architecture and urbanism interested in studying Chandigarh as a case-study in the above context. Besides infrastructural and logistical support, the Lab offers linkages with local and national architects, academics, activists...

    Learn more on theChandigarh Urban Lab website

    Center for Integrated Design's website

    Center for Integrated Design

    The mission of the Center for Integrated Design is to discover solutions that overcome the most difficult building performance barriers, and to meet the building industry’s goals of moving towards radically higher performing buildings and healthy urban environments.The Center for Integrated Design, composed of the Integrated Design Lab and the Discovery Commons, builds knowledge through discovery, advocacy and...

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    Northwest Institutute for Advanced Computing's website

    Northwest Institutute for Advanced Computing

    Founded jointly by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and the University of Washington in 2013, the Northwest Institute for Advanced Computing, or NIAC, is both a physical and “virtual” collaborative center designed to maximize the impact of computing on transformative discoveries that fuel scientific and societal progress.

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    Integrated Design Lab's website

    Integrated Design Lab

    The Integrated Design Lab carries out research to advance knowledge and policies that support the healthiest and highest performing buildings and cities. It measures and analyzes modeled and actual building performance data so as to influence the building industry’s understanding of how to radically improve the design and operation performance of buildings. Our performance research includes energy efficiency, daylighting,...

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      Thaisa Way
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